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Recuva Download: Download the latest version of Download  Recuva Data Recovery for Windows 7 or XP or Windows 8/8.1.Recover Permanently Deleted or Lost Files in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Recuva is one of the best software for to recover deleted or Lost Files  from your PC, Usb drives, memory cards.It can be able to recover files from both FAT(File Allocation Table) and NTFS(New Technology File System) file systems. In this software, there is an option for which type of files you want to recover like…Pictures, Documents, Video.

Recuva softwares can be used to restore the files, it can recovers the data from corrupted disk, and also it can permanently delete files. So they are unrecoverable, even by Recuva. Fast,damaged, focused scans find just the files you want and deep Scans find lost, damaged, and reformatted discs, it can restores unsaved Word documents and deleted files anywhere in your system, removable, including portable, and unmounted drives and even CDs and DVDs.


Data recovery Software Recuva download

Key Features

  • Alternatively, you can use the customizable filter tool for the same task. The step by step wizard is intuitive and simple enough to allow anyone to find the desired file in the shortest time possible. The program includes a Deep Scan feature, which analyzes each hard disk cluster, but may require a lot of time to find the desired files and folders, especially if we are talking about a large hard disk.
  • Scan: it is able to perform a deep scan to recover damaged or deleted files for some time. The duration of treatment depends on the power of the computer and the hard drive size. To perform that task, you just have to indicate the file information to recover and Recuva does the rest.
  • Copy: in case you forgot to save a document in Word, for example, Recuva is able to recover it to avoid restarting the work. It searches for the most recent temporary copied files and displays them.
  • Recovery: Recuva can recover files that have been deleted accidentally. It supports image, audio, documents files and even emails. It scans the hard drive, find the file and copy it to flash media. It is possible to use it on any rewritable data support.


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Recuva Software Download

Recuva is a free piece of software that will scan your hard drive and bring your deleted files back to life. You may have problems with the software’s name but you will certainly not have any problems using its full functionality.

Recuva can do several tasks for you. First of all, it will restore accidentally deleted files. For example, if you are going to move a file to the RecycleBin and then someone else empties it, Recuva can recover that file for you in case you want it back. Secondly, when data from memory cards or portable music players is lost due to user error and you want to get it back – Recuva can also do that for you. Last but not least, when a virus, computer bug, or software crash causes you to lose data and you want it back – Recuva, you’ve guessed it, can do that for you!

Just launch Recuva, select the drive where your lost files were stored, and hit the scan button. The software will automatically scan that drive and present you with a detailed list of the files that have been deleted and that Recuva can recover for you. For your convenience, you can sort that list and swiftly locate the file you want to recover.

Keep in mind that your chances of recovering a deleted file go down the more you wait. But if you run Recuva a short time after a file is deleted, your chances of recovering that file are very high.

The program is very simple to use, as it includes a step by step wizard. Besides that, it includes Deep Scan feature, which raises the chances of finding the desired deleted file or folder.Sometimes you may not recover a deleted file.

Recuva can efficiently recover all your lost files and folders from the hard disk, no matter if they were deleted or lost during the formatting of a partition.Recuva is a recovery tool that restores any files you have deleted from the computer.After a brief installation, you can access the Recuva wizard for simple steps to follow, in case you don’t want to deal with advanced features.

Step-by-step approach and recovery options

You can specify the type of files you are trying to recover, whether they are pictures, music, documents, videos, compressed archives, emails or other types, as well as their last known location.Recuva can be configured to search a media card or an iPod, in My Documents, Recycle Bin, in any other specific location, or the entire system and all connected devices.


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