6 Amazing Tips to Boost Your Internet Speed

Written by Bharti Rohila
Suffering the brunt of slow internet speed? There are many instances where we do not get the internet speed that we have paid for. There are many reasons why your internet connection is not up to speed. Don’t lose hope, here is a walking guide to help you speed up your internet connection:

  1. What is your internet speed: Before you try doing anything to boost your internet speed, find out the speed of your internet connection, and find out the speed you should be getting? You might have to work a bit to find out the speed of your ISP. As many companies advertise about giving maximum internet speed, this is not the case, you will probably never receive such high speed of internet.
  2. It is better to turn off less used or unused devices: Your unused devices might be draining your bandwidth. We have many devices lying around at home that are connected to the internet, even though we might not be using those devices. you might think that these devices are sitting idle, but they are sipping your data. Without your knowledge, multiple devices are updating their apps and their systems which is draining your bandwidth.

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  1. Try changing the place of your router: Your routers emit signals in all directions and not only horizontally or vertically, make sure your wi-fi router is located I a place where it is able to emit signals in all directions. On the floor is definitely not the place for your router. Also, make sure the path is clear, wi-fi signals are also blocked by too many objects In their path which thereby reduces your internet speed.
  2. Reboot your router: When your smartphones start acting weird, we all restart them, similarly, you can reboot your wi-fi router as well. Rebooting your router helps clear cached memory and gets rid of any background processes which you don’t need helping your computer run faster. Your router, like a computer holds a small amount of memory and background processes. An occasional reset can help things get back on track.
  3. You can also try switching channels: Many routers have access to 14channels. If you live in an urban community, then you do have access to a greater number of channels, to increase the performance of your internet, switch channels. Sometimes, this is all you have to do to boost the internet performance.
  4. Wi-Fi extender can be of help: A wi-fi extender sends the signal that it receives over a different channel. In other words, it switches channels for you. Mywifiext can help guide you for your wi-fi extender needs. Some network extenders also work through a wired method and allows you to extend your network signal at the same time.

The Bottom Line

Do not get irked if your internet is not up to speed. It happens and mostly the solution is right in front of your eyes. Try out the above methods and one of them is definitely bound to help you out. These methods will get your internet speed up in no time.

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