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Crazy Speed Tech is designed for providing technical features on a day to day life. This site will give you technical solutions and software for all Windows Operating systems, Android devices, IOS devices in a better way to use. In a simple sentence, Crazy Speed Tech is all about  Windows, Android, IOS, Software’s and Web Designing (HTML, WordPress) and Much more.

Konda Venkata Siva Reddy Aryan Arya)

Hi, I feel very glad you landed on this page. I am Konda Venkata Siva Reddy (Aryan Arya) founder & CEO of Crazy Speed Tech, managing other few tech blogs, and  Youtube tutor. Blogging is my passion I was born on September 1st,  1994 in Andhra Pradesh, India. I am a Blogger from Kadapa and I completed Engineering in the stream of electronics. I’m a backbench student.

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Aryan Arya(Venkat Siva) is a Web Developer, Full-Time Blogger, Youtube tutor, Founder & CEO of CrazySpeedTech.com.

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