How Do I Access My SD Card?

How Do I Access My SD Card?
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You should be familiar with SD cards, maybe using one on your mobile phone, portable GPS, or your old mp3 player. They are tiny, and one might think it not possible to use them on your computer. Do you know that SD cards can be a smart option to the regular USB drives? They can be used to save and send files from and to your computer.

Accessing an SD card

Modern computers are having an inbuilt card reader, though they might not be able to read microSD cards. If this is the issue with your computer, then you will need a microSD memory card adapter to access your SD card. However, some card readers don’t accept microSD cards, so in this case, you will need to insert the microSD card into a microSD card adapter and then slot the adapter into the card reader before you can access it. Note that there are various sizes of SD cards ranging from 256MB SD cards, up to 64GB SD cards.

Some SD cards come along with adapters, a small compartment with space at the bottom to slot smaller SD cards. Unlock the lock toggle on the adapter so that it can be read.

Opening an SD card

Locate any available USB port, and insert your USB card reader into it. After that, put the microSD card into the card adapter and then slot it into the card reader that is already attached to the system. Go to the ‘Start menu’ on your computer, this is at the bottom of the screen. Right from there, you should be able to open ‘File Explorer’. From here, you should be able to select your micro SD card from the list. In case the SD card is not showing, click on This PC icon on your computer, go to Devices and Drives on this section, and you should be able to access your SD card here.

Locating your microSD card

To find your SD card, you must first know where it is. If it is your first time of accessing the MicroSD card, then have it in mind that it should display by its brand name. You can later save with your preferred name so it can be easily searched. As soon as you can locate it, click it open to see the files on it. For new SD cards, you will discover that the folder is empty.

Transferring files from your microSD card

Now that you can locate your SD card, you can scroll through to view your files. If you want to transfer any file from there to your computer, click on the ‘Home tab’ and select ‘Move to,’ which will lead you to the location you want to send the file on your computer. Once you can select the location you wish to transfer the file on your computer, click ‘Move.’ When you are through with the transfer, check the folder on your computer to see if you can find the file. If you can find it, that means the transfer was successful.

How to transfer files to your microSD card

This is the opposite of transferring files from your SD card. To send files to your microSD card from your computer, first, you need to find the file or folder you want to send. Click on the ‘Home tab’ and choose ‘Move to’ select your SD card as the location you wish to send to, then click on ‘Move.’ When you are done, check if the file is on your SD card. If you can find it, it means you have successfully done the transfer.

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