Careers in Fashion Styling

Careers in Fashion Styling

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

…If you, too, like Carrie Bradshaw, live and breathe all things fashion – consider a career in fashion styling!

With the rapid evolution in the fashion industry worldwide, the field is no longer restricted to simply putting and pulling together looks. Nowadays, fashion styling involves professionals glitz up fashion events, award shows, galas, and celebrities with creative direction, casting choices, costume assistance, hair redo, makeup designing, and whatnot.

Fashion styling has become an umbrella term paving the way for various career avenues in India. Here are six dynamic professions in fashion styling you can choose from.

Celebrity Stylist

Celebrity stylists oversee accessorising and outfitting their celebrity clients while helping them develop a signature look. These fashion stylists often coordinate with hairstylists, makeup artists, PR professionals, and other creative experts.

To become a celebrity stylist, you can opt for formal training at leading fashion styling colleges in India, like Pearl Academy. You can further learn the ropes by interning and assisting fashion brands, labels, luxury designers, and more.

The profession entails skills, such as a keen eye for designing, forecasting fashion trends, a grip over fabrics, and mastery in communication. As a celebrity stylist, you will craft ensemble fashion looks for your clients for various events, including red carpet affairs, media briefing, fashion show, movie premiere, photoshoot, etc.

Fashion Show Stylist

Fashion show stylists typically work for big-ticket clothing brands, fashion houses, and designer labels to ensure cohesion and coordination in fashion shows. Their primary responsibilities can range from picking and visualising outfits for photoshoots to offering fashion advice to zeroing in props and accessories for any event.

For thriving as a fashion show stylist, you must stay updated with contemporary fashion trends and understand the nuances of visual styling, shoot collections, props, and more.

Commercial Stylist

The commercial stylists are responsible for marketing and maintaining a visual theme during the promotion of a brand. From sourcing a wide range of costumes to ensuring the right fit and proper styling, these stylists work on ad campaigns, e-commerce marketing, look books, editorial, runway shoot, retail merchandising, etc. They work closely with photographers, designers, producers, videographers, directors, artists, and retailers to ensure that the brand’s vision, style, and messaging is in tune.

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

With exceptional written and verbal communication skills, a unique sense of fashion, and an appetite for documenting, reviewing, creating, and presenting fashion, you can become a fashion and lifestyle blogger today. Why, yes! Whether you start blogging with photos like Tommy Ton or highlight street-style fashion like Chiara Ferragni, there is an enormous space in the fashion industry for bloggers, and it is growing by the minute.

Image Consultant

As an image consultant, you will work with fashion brands and high-profile clients to craft visions for their image, personality, and style synonymous with what they want to communicate. You will ensure that your client’s personal and professional image aligns with their ambitions, story, and personality. The job requires extensive researching skills, a strategic mind, a sharp sense of clothing, and an understanding of current and future fashion trends.

Personal Shoppers

Personal shopping is an exciting career opportunity that builds on your exceptional shopping skills. As a personal shopper, you will shop for others for a living. You can work for department stores, boutiques, luxury brands, celebrities, personal stylists, etc., to find the ideal piece of clothing and accessories for your clients.

You should be fluent in fashion communication, have fantastic interpersonal skills, and know the intricacies of tailored garments and perfect fitting to ensure a fulfilling shopping experience for your clients.

Fashion styling is brimming with exciting job opportunities. If you are a fashion communication wizard and possess a talent in designing, creativity, shopping, business, strategy, and styling, this is your time to shine!

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