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Conference Wi-Fi – Temporary ISP Costs

Conference Wi-Fi - Temporary ISP Costs
Written by Crazy Speed Tech
An event can be made or stopped by a reliable Internet. Sadly, it seems to break more often than not, because many events and facilities do not invest fully in their Wi-Fi networks or rely on network infrastructures that never support the crowds that attract conventions, trade fairs, and events.

TradeShow Internet has a 4G Internet Kit rental that is more reliable than Mi-Fi and cheaper than your convention center or hotel’s comparable internet solution. As your temporary isp for conference – Trade Show Internet offers 4 G Web kits that will give you temporary Internet WiFi solutions for up to 15 devices. The broadband wireless business hotspot creates the ideal bandwidth for web browsing, e-mail control and demo processing for software. It’s easy to install and play in two minutes with our fast start guide. Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) is offered by the Internet Kit. No IT, software downloads or special knowledge are necessary for our mobile WiFi Internet Kit. WiFi event rentals were never that easy.

At the Trade Show Internet we combine a number of best practices based on our years of expertise, a highly skilled network engineering team, robust IT and WiFi equipment and a contractually-backed service level guarantee, to show you we take the best event Internet services possible for your event seriously.

How much does it Cost?

The cost structure is a matter of consideration when it comes to actually implement the services practically. Trade Show Internet provides its customers with the best discount packages for all the Conference Wi-Fi services.

Our 4 G Mega Internet Kit rental includes everything you need for your event to connect to up to 100 WiFi devices. This solution is very good for conference rooms, large exhibition stands, pavilions and pop-up events of the hotel and convention center. We have you covered regardless of whether you want to replace the Wifi in-house in your premises with a lower cost solution or provide connectivity in an area without an existing network.

The price list is as follows:

• 5 Wi-Fi devices at $599 for 1-3 Days

• 10 Wi-Fi devices at $999 for 1-3 Days

• 15 Wi-Fi devices at $1,399 for 1-3 Days

• For 50+ Devices, the cost starts from $2,450

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