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Smartest Dab Rig by Leaf Buddi – Wuukah Electronic Vaporizer

Wuukah Electronic Vaporizer
Written by Kiranmaireddy
Leaf buddi was founded back in 2017 under Welch Company and in this short time period, they have already proved themselves very well in this booming vape industry. Leaf buddi is now a top-rated brand well known for premium vaporizer devices. They are specialized in manufacturing top-notch quality vape cartridges, battery kits, wax, and dry herb vaporizers.

About Wuukah Electronic Vaporizer

Looking for a new modern rig? Then look no further because leaf buddi has covered you with their new Wuukah Vaporizer. This vaporizer is perfect for consuming different concentrates or CBD liquids which allows you to enjoy the most out of it. Lead buddi wuukah vaporizer is the most intuitive portable, intelligent, and Powerful vape device ever made. It really takes good care of your ever-changing vaping needs by providing you with multiple conduction cups options to best suit your needs. It uses three different conduction cups; a Ceramic cup, a Quartz cup, and a Titanium cup. These cups help in facilitating low and slow heating. The Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic offers a hi-tech precision temperature control system that allows you to select your desired temperature profile to further enhance the overall quality of the vapors yielded by Wuukah Electronic Rig Vaporizer.


Though it is true that Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic Rig Vaporizers takes designing inspiration from some other dabs rigs but they have completely twisted it and made it their own unique refreshing look which is truly amazing and innovative. Despite having so many important and unique key features the unique shape of this smart dab rig still makes it a completely compact and portable device that you can easily take wherever you want whenever you need. This smart dab rig is surely a perfect trip companion and it will never betray you.

Its unique glass attachment design allows for a better water cycle inside. The splash guard ensures water does not break into the mouthpiece. And due to this innovative glass attachment design, Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic Rig Vaporizer’s all over functionality slightly increases.

Some Important Key Features

  1. Precision temperature settings: This feature allows you to set your desired temperature profile for better vapor production.
  2. Three heating cups: Leaf buddi Wuukah Electronic Rig Vaporizer is fully equipped with 3 different conduction cups. Let’s take a look at them separately.
    1) Ceramic Heating Cup: Using this cup you can heat your vaping material at a slower pace which reduces the chances of burning extracts.
    2) Quartz Cup: It is totally the opposite of ceramic cup in functionality which transfers the heats to the vaping material at a bit faster pace. Heating at a faster pace allows you to produce denser clouds.
    3) Titanium Cup: It behaves like an equalizer by keeping the perfect balance of what ceramic and the titanium cups offer.
  3. Powerful Built-in Battery to support longer vaping sessions and you don’t need to worry about charging again and again.
  4. Advance Charging: Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic Vaporizer uses Type-c charging, which is faster and safer.

It comes with:

  1. 1 x Atomizer Base
  2. 1 x Glass Attachment
  3. 1 x Ceramic Cup
  4. 1 x Titanium Cup
  5. 1 x Silicone Storage Container
  6. 1 x Wuukah Base (Battery)
  7. 1 x Loading Tool & Cap
  8. 5 x Cotton Swabs
  9. 1 x USB Type-C Charger
  10. 1 x Quart Cup

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