How Are Video Slideshows More Impactful Than Powerpoint Presentations

How Are Video Slideshows More Impactful Than Powerpoint Presentations
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Emerging as one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools, video slideshows as part of video marketing is truly a must-have component for growing businesses. The majority of people respond to visual content, and the use of images and videos can significantly enhance the prospects of your next venture becoming successful. InVideo, as one of the best online slideshow makers, makes it easy for you to unleash your creative potential!

From building customer rapport to promoting a brand, service, or product, videos can do it all! Here is why it has taken the world of digital marketing by a storm!

1. Provides real-time results and is an impressive and useful tool.

2. The average user spends ⅓ of all online activity on watching videos.

3. It is effective and more widely used (55% of people watch videos online every day).

4. The best way to engage your audience. Research says that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words

Video slideshows over powerpoint presentations?

In the modern era, what is it about video presentation that gives it an edge over the traditional method of using PPT slides that have existed since time? We think the reasons are simple enough!

PowerPoint Can’t Do It All

Many who use PowerPoint tend to rely on the information on an individual slide instead of focusing on the theme of the presentation. If your PowerPoint is very detailed, the audience may end up focusing on the slides more than your actual narrative.

This often proves to be the case and makes it difficult for the audience to follow your intended call to the action plan. Whereas people consistently rank video presentations as a more convenient tool, which makes it easy to review details and all elements presented. When used appropriately, these can support and extend traditional presentations in valuable ways.

Moreover, the possibilities simply increase by a threshold when you choose to present via videos and video slideshows, and you can easily compose video presentations which appeal to a large audience. For example, video marketing is immensely useful for those who are marketing a product or service that requires a demo.

The need, therefore for a useful, and all-in-one online video editor is immense! Slides with too much information on them can become overwhelming.

Someone who isn’t very familiar with using Powerpoint may tend to get overwhelmed with the several functions and screens in the program. Some of the features can be quite complicated to use, and even the simple features often require some getting used to.

Moreover, because there are so many options and an abundance of features which can be included in a PowerPoint presentation, one can easily go overboard on the number of colors, sounds, shapes, animations, and the various available options. The user may find himself confused when it comes to choosing the right combinations, which can easily detract from the information that needs to be shared.

InVideo offers easy options to convert your script into video format or choose from several interesting templates that allow you to focus and build your video. You can save a lot of time by rolling out a video to demonstrate what you have for your audience. Isn’t that perfect!?

1. Costs and ease of use.

2. For a specific cost, you can obtain the entire Office 365 package which contains Microsoft Powerpoint amongst other Office tools. There is a monthly or annual subscription cost which can cover more than what the proprietary license once offered.

Moreover, downloading the tools on each system and consumption of data can prove to be further time consuming and a hassle at times, even for the tech-savvy individuals.

With video, you can always count on flexible features and additional enhancers which can help create your video in just minutes. We understand the importance of engaging the target audience and keep their interest intact throughout the presentation, which is why we offer a wide range of options and designs to bring the best out of your video. Best of all? It’s free to use! There are no hidden charges or clever gimmicks. All you need is your creativity and curiosity to explore!

Never before possibilities come alive with InVideo, the perfect online video editor!

Videos are easily the best learning medium at present. Visually enhancing content attracts and stimulates more people than anything else. Humans are visual beings, and nothing appeals to us more than attractive visuals, which can easily be presented via video slideshows.

At InVideo, you can easily convert your content into new videos in almost as much time as it takes for an average person to set up his/her video equipment! That’s right, InVideo provides you with several templates, designs, and customization options, so you can add your creativity and imagination to create something like never before!

A unique video slideshow with titillating backgrounds, photos, and videos are easy to make with our website! Our options allow you to experiment and combine several elements and club them together. The possibilities are endless!

Need to start from scratch? You are at the right place!

You can choose between converting an article, script, or a blog into a unique and exciting video and explore our stunning pre-designed templates to create desired content. Our interface is user-friendly and easy, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a college student, or a middle-aged individual looking to unleash your creativity. Create intros and outros using InVideo’s readymade template and stand out in the competition.

The several categories cover a wide range of interests, and whether you are looking to create promo content or generate leads, or attract your target audience, your videos will help you gain quick success with our customization options. The ready to use templates and designs are created by professionals and cater to all kinds of brands and their subsequent audiences! With such visually rich and appealing content, you can easily increase your engagement with the audience.

With the help of InVideo, you can easily gain the upper hand by making use of our online video editing and online video slideshow making services!

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