How to Vote for Anubandha Awards 2022 in Voot App

Do you know the most popular awards in India? They are called Anubandha Awards. Anubandha Awards is an award ceremony for the best of the best in the Indian entertainment industry. These awards are held every year in the month of May. The ceremony is hosted by Voot, India’s leading digital video platform and a part of Discovery Networks International. These awards are given every year and the next event is going to happen in the month of January. So, you need to vote for Anubandha Awards 2022 and it will be done through the voting system.

In order to vote for Anubandha Awards, you need to register your account at the website and login to the same. After that, you need to search for the category and submit your votes.

Voting link for anubandha awards 

The voting link is officially not out yet, This post gives you the details of rules and guidelines that have been established by the Anubandha Awards Committee for the process of voting for this year’s awards. Get info about the Anubandha Awards 2022, voting and more on

The purpose of conducting Anubandha awards 

The main purpose of the awards is to recognize those people who have made outstanding contributions to the industry of television. It is important to note that there are several different categories that are included in the theAnubandha awards.

Anubandha Awards 2021 Overview

All the essential information on the Anubandha Awards.

Term Meaning
“Eligibility period for Television category” tv series that will air between the period of July 2022 to August 2022 will be considered for the awards.
“Official Tabulators” The people responsible for arranging data in a tabular form for the Awards
“Management” Personnel from Viacom18 Media Private Limited or appointed, engaged or authorized by Viacom18 Media Private Limited are responsible for the conduct and functioning of the Awards
“Owner”/“Organizer”/“Company” Viacom18 Media Private Limited
“Participant” Any person/company/producer of the film / etc., who wants to participate in the Awards across any defined category, via any medium advertised by the Organizers from time to time.
“Terms and conditions” A list of terms and conditions governing the Awards and the eligibility criteria for entry
“Voting period” The voting period is different for each category.

During the voting period, the validity of the winning entry will be as listed in the table below or any other period as announced by the Organizer

“Nominee(s)” Participant(s) shortlisted for voting
“Winner(s)” Nominee(s) determined as the winner in a particular category on the basis of votes received
“Rules and Regulations” These rules and regulations govern the voting for the nominees for the Awards, for the public voting awards category. They will be updated periodically.
“Voter” Any person in India, who participates in the voting process for the Awards

How to Voot for Anubandha awards in the Voot app.

Viewers can vote for their favorite nominees and contestants, similarly to you can vote for the big boss contestants. All you need is to download and install the Voot app from the Playstore or Apple store first.

Then just register and create an account if you haven’t done it yet to enjoy and use all the features. Listed below are some important steps for voting for the anubandha awards.

  • Only citizens of India with a valid email id can vote.
  • After you download the Voot app login with or sign in with the FB credentials in order to vote.
  • Once the voter(s) has successfully logged in he or she can directly go to the voting options and select your favourite preferred shows, and nominees for the various categories based on the information provided in the application.
  • Check out the terms and conditions first before voting mentioned in the application or the voot official website.
  • voter(s) must sign/logout as soon as they vote as per the rules and regulations mentioned on the voot website.

Voot Anubandha awards: FAQ’S

1. When was colors tv launched?

It was launched in 2008

2. Who is the owner of colors tv?

  It is an entertainment broadcasting network owned by Viacom 18

3. How do I download the Voot app?

   Go to

4. How do I enter the contest?

Log in to your Voot account and click the link at the top of the page that says “Enter the Contest.”

5. What are the prizes for the winner?

The winners will receive a free pair of Anubandha earrings and a one-year subscription to Voot.

6. Can you vote for the Anubandha awards through the Voot website?

yes, you can vote just visit the

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