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7 Reasons to Opt for an Online Digital Marketing Course 2021

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The wake of the on-going covid 19 pandemic has made it evident for every sector to shift online sooner or later. It started with the reason to protect our health safety but we’ve come to realize that adapting to the online medium has many more benefits.

The entire education system had to shift online within a month or two. While younger students found it difficult to cope with it, college students and working professionals benefitted the most from it. They found it much easier to start learning.

Digital Marketing agencies were losing out on their clients due to businesses shutting down and they had to find an alternative source of income. So they came up with an idea of leveraging their digital marketing knowledge and training students who wished to learn it. This gave birth to multiple learning formats like offline, online, self-paced, and online with live sessions.

So let’s look at a few top reasons why you should start learning digital marketing online instead of going for the traditional classroom experience. But before we head there, let’s walk through the 3 options of learning digital marketing online.

A self-paced online digital marketing course is one of the most viable options for someone who wants the freedom to learn at their own pace and time. There are pre-recorded lectures on each subject and a few institutes give you an option to speak to the trainer in case of any doubts/queries. There is no deadline to complete the course. You might also be awarded a certificate of completion depending on the institute.

Whereas an online digital marketing course with live sessions is similar to a classroom teaching experience. There are fixed days and timings for every subject lecture and are led by instructors. The only difference is you’ll be sitting at home and attending it. This course is time-bound but the beauty of it is that it gives you a very similar classroom experience. This format of learning is mainly for someone looking for an intensive classroom-level course but online as a medium.

The third option is a mix of both. The digital marketing course syllabus is covered through self-paced videos which need to be completed during the week and a live lecture with the instructor is conducted on the weekend. Sometimes even guest lectures by industry experts are conducted.

Now that we’re familiar with the ways you can study digital marketing courses online, let’s go ahead and check out the benefits of studying it online.

7 Benefits of an Online Digital Marketing Course

The comfort of your home

One of the biggest advantages of studying online is that you get to do it right from the comfort of your home. Fairly, many students skip classes on the pretext of not being able to travel or simply because they feel lazy.

Let’s say you wish to study at an institute that is abroad and there are several reasons why you cannot fly down to the campus. Online studying removes the geographical barriers and allows you to go ahead with the institute of your choice provided they are offering online classes.

Liberty of Time

Are you someone who likes to study in breaks, while eating your food, or probably a night owl? Then the self-paced online digital marketing course is just the right fit for you. This course lets you do all of that without compromising on the quality of knowledge that you receive.

A few students travel from afar and waste a lot of time before and after the classes. Due to covid, many modes of transportation have been affected and there are new rules regarding its usage and thus travel times have increased. All of this gets negated when you decide to study online. It saves you a lot of time which brings me to my next point.

Upskill while you work

You could be a working professional who has decided to take up a digital marketing course to upskill yourself. The online mode gives you exactly what you need – the freedom to study at your convenience. This way you can balance your work commitments without having to give up on your desire to study.

And, if you are a student studying the course, you should definitely make use of all the free time by doing a part-time internship or probably work at an NGO.

It’s the best hack to start building your cv while studying.


Who wouldn’t want to save money? Online courses help you save quite some bucks that are generally spent on traveling and other miscellaneous expenses.

Even when you consider studying abroad, the expenses incurred besides the digital marketing course fee for accommodation, food, and travel are enormous. You can already calculate the amount you will be saving if you study the same course from the same university but from your home country.

Global Networking Opportunities

In the digital marketing world, networking holds a very special position. It is a key element in doing business and expanding your horizon. But you must feel that in the absence of offline campus training, how are you going to network effortlessly?

Well, we may agree that it is difficult to form a bond over cyberspace, but that is the new normal. In fact, the bigger picture here is that you get to network with people living thousands of miles away in the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, or even South Africa! It lets you meet people from different walks of life with such diverse cultures and mindsets.

Adapting to WFH (Work From Home)

When Covid-19 hit, all businesses from all sectors had to shift to work from home. Initially, it got difficult because nobody was prepared for it and didn’t have the necessary resources.

With time, everyone adapted to work from home. While a few industries are still waiting to get back, many top MNCs realized the benefits of working from home and made the decision to permanently shift to work from home or have only 2 days of office and 3 days from home.

So if you have to start adapting to work for home, why not start with studying online? In a way, it’ll also help you determine if you are cut-out for the work-from-home environment or not.

Get better at communication and coordination

As we mentioned earlier about how you will get to network with people from all over the world with diverse cultures and mindsets. In context with that, you will also learn how to communicate with different people and put your views across positively.

Most of the courses offer live projects and sometimes it may require you to work in groups. That’s where you learn coordination and working in a team with people who may not agree with your opinions.

It prepares you for the on-field demands in a corporate environment where you need to learn how to tackle a room full of people, all with a different perspective and how to be heard among them.

Now that we have understood the benefits of taking up an online digital marketing course, let’s see

Which is the best online digital marketing course?

We would definitely recommend checking out IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education). IIDE is India’s award-winning digital marketing school which has been imparting knowledge since 2016. It offers digital marketing courses through online, offline, and on-demand platforms. They have trained more than 1,00,000 students and have also placed them at a few top companies in the digital industry like GoZoop, Kinnect, Schbang, OnePlus, The Times of India to name a few.

You can opt for their 3-Month Instructor-led Online Digital Marketing Course with Live Sessions. It is an intensive program that includes 150+ hours of live classes, 6+ live projects, the teaching of 20+ industry tools, interview training, and 100% placement assistance. They believe in working on case studies to understand the marketing strategies of some of the top companies. They also offer an industry-recognized certification.


Going digital is the new thing and why not start studying online as well, especially when there are so many benefits to it.

If you still have any questions on how to go about an online digital marketing course or any other queries, feel free to hit us up at and we’d be happy to assist you!

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