5 Best Backpacks To Buy – Read Before You Buy One

Looking for a suitable backpack for your next winter trip? But you want it to serve other purposes too? Now it is really tough to pick the best backpacks when we see a thousand recommendations. It is too normal to get confused. Because all the companies make the best advertisements. Obviously all of us want to buy the one that will not make us regret if we see the other one later.

Now, let us talk about purposes. Some of us need the best backpack for travelling. Some other want the one for both official use and travelling. There come the ones who want it for multipurpose.

To choose a perfect backpack to serve your customized purpose, you must look at its features. It may vary for person to person. Sometimes the backpack which was best for your friend may not be even up to the mark for your necessities.

Usually we prefer best tactical sling backpack with more compartments but too many compartments can also be a problem. Again, in some trips bigger backpack is a must. Where, sometimes you just want your backpack to be as small as possible. It is comfortable after all.

Talking about comfort, straps must be enough padded if we go for a long trip. Sometimes harder straps are necessary to keep it safe from damage.

Again In this tech-dependent world who does not want a backpack with tech-support?

Keeping all these matters in mind here are the five backpacks, which we have chosen for your various purpose.


If you are a travel lover and looking for the best backpacks you should definitely go for this. This one has the most comfortable and organized features. It comes of two sizes; S/M(38L) and M/L(40L).

Thes straps are nicely padded to give you more comfort. There comes the waist belt and chest strap which give you more support and security.  Multi-handles make it perfect for versatile use. It has shoulder strap, a top handle also a side handle. So you can use it as a briefcase too.

There are enough room for your laptops, electronics, small accessories, and clothes. Each of these inner compartments are designed in perfect ways for different types of use. There are two mesh pockets and also a small pocket on top, to keep the things you need more often such as pens, pencils etc.

These bag gives you perfect security with its inner lockable straps. Also the zips are made to be locked easily with push locks. An amazing feature is you can hide the bag straps with a cover. This gives you a cool look.

After all these comes the warranty of osprey. This company gives you a lifetime warranty.


Osprey Faview is specially made for women for all kind of travels. Its stowaway harness keeps your bag safe from any damage.

For your laptops and other devices it has secured lockable compartment. Also it has lockable sliders on main zippers. It comes with a daypack which is also secured with lockable zippers. So no worries for security.

Its heat-embossed scratch free pocket at the front is for anything you want to keep safe from scratch like glasses. Again it also has the two mesh pockets for bottles.

Like all other ospreys it has the lifetime warranty.


A backpack that can be used both as a suitcase and a carryon backpack. Also it has the shoulder strap. So when it is less heavy you can use it as a shoulder bag.

Its flexible shape and well organized compartments give you maximum spaces. Besides, it can be expanded around 10L. another amazing feature of it is the rain cover luggage tag.


This is the smartest backpack you can find around. It has a 10000 mah batterypack. You can also charge your phones while it is charging. One of the best feature of it is the wireless charging system. Which keeps you tension free.

Let’s talk about the sensors. It has the open-bag sensor to alert you if you walk out keeping a zip open. Again its key sensors automatically keeps the key in pockets when you are done.

It has stowaway side pockets for easy access to water bottles or less valuable and more often necessary accessories. It comes with a TSA scan smart laptop sleeve. For photo lovers it has an option to add a camera mount.

This security master has RFID shield pockets and push-2-lock. Push one button at the strap and lock all the zippers. This backpack also gives your things extra protection with its strong water resistance.

So if you are up to the best smart and secured backpack this is the one for you.



The anti-theft box shaped tactical bag is slash resistant and comes with RFID block.

Its scientific storage system helps you to organize your accessories in a short time. Also it is easy to lock and open with just a button.

Another feature of it is the retractable metal lock. This lets you stay in peace when you need to leave the bag for few moments. TSA password lock and double coil zippers give you insurance of full security.

It is nicely designed with the hidden rain cover and umbrella storage. The pocket in the strap is for the more often needed small accessories. An out of the box suggestion, if you want to be entrepreneur let me, I know some companies that help startups to build or to make their ideas live. We can contact them If you want. Or just browse the internet for entertainment news gossip blogs to entertainments, life is short you know.

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