11 Secrets of Criminal Defense Lawyers

11 Secrets of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Whether you are a criminal defense lawyer or planning to pursue a career in it, there are so many things to learn about the field. While a thankless job, it’s a thrilling one that really puts your skills to the test.

And did you know that there are more secrets to the trade that you may not know about? From researching jurors to receiving hate mail, read on to learn more about the skills and secrets of a criminal defense lawyer.

The Secrets of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

These are the secrets a Gold Coast Criminal Lawyer shared for you to know what it’s like on the job:

  • No Personal Feelings

Some of their clients have committed even the most heinous crimes, but even then, they have constitutional rights. Even with confessions, criminal defense lawyers do not let their feelings about crimes get in the way with their defense.

Any criminal defense lawyer knows that the accused have rights, regardless of the alleged crime. Their main focus is to protect their client’s constitutional rights to due process, which is why successful and reputable lawyers can set aside personal feelings about certain cases and clients.

  • The Bond With the Clients

They don’t bond over a beer, but they try to create a connection and professional relationship with their clients.

Sure, it may be difficult finding common ground with the accused, especially with the worst crimes in question. However, the best way to improve the case’s process is to relate with their clients. That way, clients will trust their lawyer’s decisions, while the lawyer will be able to learn more about the client, using any valuable information for the case.

  • They Look Into Juror Backgrounds

Lawyers don’t know who the exact jurors will be until the day itself but learn more about the potentials. Examining and observing these potential jurors takes practice and skill, and lawyers can do it exceptionally well.

When buzzing the would-be jurors, some lawyers tend to talk fast, looking for something that exposes the jurors’ natural biases to get them out of the panel. Jurors who keep open minds or have anti-police opinions won’t be questioned, as they can help with the case’s success.

  • The Jury’s Body Language Is Always Observed

Besides learning about potential jurors, lawyers also assess the jury’s body language during the case. Excellent lawyers know that body language can say a lot about a person and how the trial is going.

For instance, jurors who laugh or smile at the lawyer’s jokes are most likely on his side. If not, then they are for the other “team.”

When lawyers notice this, they would make real-time adjustments to their arguments.

  • Why Do They Stand Close to Clients?

You have probably noticed that attorneys tend to stand next to their clients, especially when the verdict is already being read. This isn’t because it’s a sign of solidarity, but there is another reason behind it!

Sometimes, their clients may end up acting out or even passing out. That way, lawyers can grab their clients to avoid situations like that.

  • Their Clients Can Be Their Worst Enemies

You should NEVER talk to the police without your lawyer present. This is the best piece of advice to follow, but not many people actually follow it! Besides that, defendants waiting in jail before court dates can end up digging themselves deeper holes.

These are huge annoyances lawyers have to deal with, which is why their clients are sometimes the ones who destroy their chances of a successful case.

  • They Also Receive Hate Mail

Lawyers who work on high-profile cases receive a lot of hate, from hate mail to emails, or even being spat on as they walk to court. Many lawyers have received hate due to their nature of work, which is why the job isn’t for the faint of heart.

With that said, most lawyers don’t apologize for the work they do. Simply representing suspected murders doesn’t mean they advocate murder, they are simply doing their job in defending their client and his rights.

  • Innocent Defendants Actually Make Work Harder

You might presume that innocent clients are easier to defend. However, if you belle that a client is falsely accused may actually strain the defense.

It’s stressful to feel like you know the client, only to see them guilty for something they didn’t do. Unfortunately, this happens a lot, which is why you have to set your personal feelings aside.

  • Their Clients May Receive Makeovers

If a client were to enter court wearing a heavy metal shirt and ripped jeans, then their lawyer will most likely advise him to shop for new clothes. Just a good haircut, simple slacks, and polo, nothing fancy.

It isn’t about creating illusions, but to show respect for the court, its people, and the system.

  • They Love Can’t-Win Cases

One might presume that can’t-win cases are heavily avoided, but for many reputable lawyers, these are appealing.

Lawyers love to take on challenging cases, as the greater the obstacle is, the more preparation here is to be done. And the more work is done, the more you can understand the facts for a better trial. Not only does this help with their reputation, but it hones their skills and knowledge for future cases.

  • Clients May Want Advice Before Committing Crimes

This is a crazy secret, but happens to many lawyers! While it’s forbidden to counsel on how to commit crimes properly, people still ask.

Lawyers would sometimes get asked, “if I do it this way, is it still legal?” Some would inform such queries with what’s legal and nothing else. All advice given should be treated as if someone else were listening for both parties to avoid any trouble.

Interesting secrets, right? Now you know how much skill and to work it takes to become a criminal defense lawyer. If you want to share your own facts about being a lawyer, share it in the comments section below!

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