4 Most Common Dog Health Problems You Should Know

4 Most Common Dog Health Problems You Should Know

Health-related issues are a part of all our lives that we can’t ignore. Although it seems boring to some people, it is essential to educate ourselves about the illnesses out there. Even more so when it comes to animals. So as a pet owner, you should be well versed with all diseases that can attack one of the most popular pet animals, dogs. Here, we will guide you through a list of most common diseases that dogs usually suffer from:


Another common medical condition that is found in many dogs is none other than obesity. If you have a fat dog, he/she will develop several kinds of problems such as heart disease, arthritis, stroke, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Regular walking is the best solution to this problem.

Puppies and small dogs are easy to take on a walk; it’s big dogs that can cause a problem. You should get some durable leather collars for large dogs to keep them on leash.

Kennel Cough

Dogs that have lived in the animal shelter often suffer from kennel cough. Unfortunately, this disease is something that can be avoided easily. The only way to look after your animal with this disease is to give them plenty of food and water. You must allow the animal to rest for a long time. Kennel cough can easily transition into severe throat infection, so you must get your dog vaccinated on time.


This is such a common issue that one in every five dogs suffers from arthritis. If you witness your dog getting slower on his/her feet and being less active, you need to get your little munchkin checked. Despite this disease being very painful, the poor animal won’t show much discomfort. Many dogs suffering from arthritis are often given pain relief from vets, although there are different treatment options available such as CBD.


Although many vaccines help in curtailing this problem, millions of dogs suffer from heartworms every day. These forms are shockingly found in Australia in abundant quantities and can kill the animal if not treated on time. Heartworms can easily be treated, provided you get your dog checked and treated on time. During this time, it is better to keep the dog away from other animals in the house.

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