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5 Ways to Prepare for a Research Conference Presentation


Presenting a research conference presentation, especially at a medical-focused conference, may cause you a great deal of anxiety. With that said, when you are prepared and know how to handle this situation, you’ll be much more comfortable. There are several things you can do beforehand that will allow your presentation to be informative and well received by the audience. Putting these tips to work can ease the burden of this task.

Keep the audience in mind

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When putting together your presentation folders, it’s essential to think about the audience. It’s essential that you have a deep and thorough understanding of the message before presenting it. The structure should include an introduction, body, and a conclusion.

Some things you’ll want to consider before you give the presentation is keeping your delivery short and getting to the point quickly. Not only does your audience wish to hear facts that are interesting and helpful, but it’s also vital to maintain the short attention span of your listeners.

Set time limits

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Giving a presentation that’s too long will bore your audience. As you may have heard in the past, the attention span of others is very short and could be as little as eight seconds.

Getting your top points across quickly is the ideal way for your research to be heard by any audience. It’s usual for most speeches to be 20-30 minutes in length. You may want to have at least a 20-minute speech to deliver, saving the extra ten minutes to use if necessary.

Find a friend

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Do you have a close friend that will listen to you rehearse the presentation several times? If so, this is the time to rely on this individual to assist you.

Going over the speech will enable you to feel much more confident at the research conference.

The more frequently you can rehearse the speech, the fewer mistakes you’re likely to make when you get in front of a large crowd. If you are considering asking for professional help, you should know what to look for in a presentation training company.

Have a confident start

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If you need to give a talk as part of your RN-BSN program, feeling confident and in control can get the right attention. The audience may swiftly learn that you know your facts when it comes to talking about a much-needed nursing program like this one.

The introduction is vital because it is the time you can lose or gain your audience’s attention.  Carefully selecting the best words to use in the beginning can make a massive difference for your entire presentation.

Use transitions

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You may be going from one research idea to another one, and the way to make this less noticeable may involve using transitional words. These are words that will help your thoughts flow more freely and keep your audience ready to learn more.

Some examples of transitional phrases include, furthermore, meanwhile, finally, and many others. Choosing these words may be the top technique for allowing your presentation to sound seamless and less choppy.

You can have the success you want and deliver a fantastic research speech to your audience. However, you’ll want to invest your time and energy into knowing what to do beforehand. Taking the proper steps and preparing your thoughts in a presentation that’s simple to convey to others is vital. When you take the initiative by knowing what to do before getting on the stage, your presentation will be much more engaging and better received.

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