What is the difference between a chop saw and a miter saw?

What is the difference between a chop saw and a miter saw

Chop saw and miter saw have almost same features, there is less difference between them. You need to understand the key difference between them, it will help you get better results. Also understanding the tools will help you understand the key functions of these power tools for the job that has to be assigned.

Miter saw and chop saw have same circular blades that drop down to cut the work piece. But chop saw is more larger and powerful than miter saw so they are used for large-scale projects and large volumes of heavy-duty objects, especially commercial or industrial shops have such power tools in their workshops. For small work piece cut you can easily opt for 10 or 12-inch miter saw as they can handle such material, miter saw is capable of producing fine cuts so you can easily trim, mould or cut the work piece. For general purpose miter saw is a better option.

If you intend to have angled cuts than miter saw is the option where as the chop saw cuts a 90-degree angle. The chop saw is larger use a minimum 14-inch blade that is powerful and cut anything that comes in it’s way.

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Miter Saw Features

Miter saw is known for neat cuts, a wood worker can mould, frame or have better angled cuts while working with these amazing miter saw. Also you can deal with compound miter saw if you require the ability of tilt the saw blade, it will help you speed up with your work with same efficiency and provide you excellent results.

The miter saw available in the market are generally with 10 or 12-inch. You can easily get your hands on 10 -inch miter saw as it will provide you amazing neat cut, so there is usually less need of 12-inch blade. With this miter saw you can carry out home projects with efficiency.

Chop Saw Features

Chop saw is an aggressive machine, it will help you do heavy-duty material cut, hence the machine is very powerful and fast so it will give cut almost anything that comes in it’s way. These machines are commonly used for dealing with steel, when house making is in the process for cut studs, joists, trusses and rafters, these machines will not disappoint you for providing the best results.

Hope our article will help you track you down the basic differences between a miter saw and a chop saw. It will definitely help you getting the suitable power tool for your job.

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