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Find Hackers Location by Investing Through IP Geolocation

Find Hackers Location by Investing Through IP Geolocation

Nowadays, cyber-attacks and data breaches have become a new normal for everyone. Reading news related to cyber-attack has become so common that some people even let it go unnoticed. But just because something has become common, it doesn’t mean you should start ignoring it.

Currently, one cyberattack happens every 39 seconds, and every day, more than 2,200 cyber-attacks are attempted on the global level. To deal with such a situation, it becomes essential to find the origin of the attack as this is the only way to bring online criminals to justice.

There are many software solutions out there that help law enforcement authorities and cybersecurity experts to authorize geolocation IP addresses. And with the help of different tools, the experts can easily zoom in on the various aspects of the domain that have been marked malicious by experts and find the city by IP address.

The real culprit

Modern tools indeed help reduce the overall time taken to find the origin of the malicious activity. Still, hackers keep on evolving themselves, and they keep on coming with new techniques and tools. And with black hats, it becomes challenging for even the experts to find the exact location.

Modern hackers cover their tracks with the help of VPNs, proxy servers, and various types of compromised networks. For example, a hacker sitting in Indonesia can fake his original location in China while attacking a company located in America. This is the main reason why the experts have to use a combination of different forensic techniques for finding out the location or origins of the attack.

Supporting evidence

In addition to analyzing the IP address used for attacking a company online, the experts also go through the files and data left by the hacker in their wake. Then, the digital profile of the hacker is created by going through the grammar used in the software code and even by analyzing the metadata embedded in the malware.

All the information listed above plays a vital role in the investigation. However, IP address location is still the most critical piece of evidence used by the experts to track down the online criminal.

Using the power of geolocation

There are various tools out there used for finding out the domain of a specific IP address. And with the help of reverse DNS lookup, one can easily find a city by IP address. Moreover, all the cybersecurity teams use the power of IP geolocation API to increase the accuracy of the location information.

The IP geolocation API relies on the IP database for finding the physical location of the person who visits a website. The database used in this case accounts for almost all the IP addresses on the global level.

The location is narrowed down to the exact latitude and longitude, region, country, state, and even ZIP code with the information gathered through IP address. So, you don’t find the city by IP address, but you reveal detailed information about the location of the person visiting the website.

By using the data provided by the API, a company can easily block all the users who try to access the website anonymously. In this case, online fraud and identity theft are avoided by comparing the visitor’s location with the actual customer data.

Apart from focusing on social media marketing, using the power of paid ads, and relying on keyword research, you must pay attention to keeping your online presence secure from cyberattacks if you want to thrive on the digital platform.

Using solutions like IP address geolocation can prove to be a big relief for all the firms struggling to keep their website safe when the number of cyberattacks increases with time. DB-IP is one of the best resources for a business looking to leverage the advantages of IP Geolocation.

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