How Can You Maximize Your Cannabis Experience?

How Can You Maximize Your Cannabis Experience?

The more you start getting involved in the world of cannabis, the more you start asking yourself, is this the best way to consume cannabis? Every marijuana fanatic out there has its claim for the best way to consume marijuana and for enjoying its high. And each next company you see on the internet claims to have the next best revolutionary marijuana in the market.

But learning how to maximize your cannabis experience shouldn’t be that difficult.

If you can understand how much THC you are consuming, then you can better understand the right way to maximize the cannabis experience. It will also help you in understanding whether you should upgrade your existing bud or not. Moreover, understanding how much THC you are consuming opens doors to many new types of marijuana buds and products.

There are few things that you must understand to enhance the experience of cannabis, and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post.

What is the THC percentage?

To know how strong the weed is, you will first have to understand how it is measured. In some products, the THC is measured in percentage, while in other cases, it is measured in milligrams. So, instead of getting confused about different measurement techniques, let’s keep a percentage as our standard measurement.

The percentage tells the amount of THC present in the bud, but once the bud is broken down into different forms like concentrates and extracts, you need to measure how strong the other forms are.

The milligram technique for measuring THC focuses on weight rather than a percentage. The milligram techniques help the manufacturer to add different ingredients to the edibles as well.

Now, let’s learn how to improve your experience while consuming marijuana.

Traditional rollies

For many marijuana fiends, using a crusher for crushing the buds and then packing them in rolling paper so that it’s easy to pass it over to friends is still a go-to option for consuming marijuana.

But you are wasting a lot of THC while smoking a joint since it isn’t the purest form of consuming marijuana. According to a study, it has been found that you are only able to consume 20-37% of THC when you smoke marijuana.

Packing a bowl

At first, smoking a bowl might seem like a more effective way of consuming more THC than joint, but that’s not true. When you smoke a bowl, the overheating kills almost 60% of the THC, and thus you receive only 40% of the THC.

So, if you want to increase the 10-15% THC consumption while smoking a bowl, don’t let the bud sit hot, as this will result in sidestream wastage. Smoke the bowl in one go and increase your THC consumption by almost 15%.


Like a bowl, you get the same loss in bong as well, mainly due to the heat loss. Bongs are famous among legal weed fanatics for a smoother and cooler smoke, but even, in this case, you have to go through loss because of pyrolytic occurring through the lighting of the bud.


Vaporizing is undoubtedly the most precise form of consuming weed since, in vaporizers, a highly controlled heating source is used to bring legal weed to the exact temperature that releases THC without resulting in too much loss.

You will have some loss of THC even while using a vaporizer, but it will be comparatively less from bongs, bowls, and joints.

To understand how to enhance your experience while consuming weed, you first have to learn the concept of THC, and based on your findings; you have to choose the best form of consuming weed without wasting THC.

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