Resources Needed To Becoming A Data Engineer

Resources Needed To Becoming A Data Engineer

Quick Stats:

  • According to Statista, Big Data and Business Analytics market evaluation are expected to reach USD 169 billion in 2018 to USD 274 billion in 2022.

And what about Big Data revenues?

  • Datafloq says that the Big Data revenues are expected to go as high as USD 123.2 billion by 2025.

And the volume of data generated?

  • According to IDC, the total volume of data generated globally is anticipated to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025 (International Data Corporation).

Big Data is everywhere today. Big Data is generated by leaps and bounds with the advent of social media platforms and increasing multinational companies around the world. Harnessing the chunks of data has become crucial for taking every tiny step in a company. And this has made the demand for Data Engineers across the world go high.

According to the Dice 2020 Tech Job report, Data Engineer was the fastest-growing job role that experienced 50% growth year-over-year in the number of job openings.

Since 2016, the demand for data engineers has outstripped the supply, according to

This is the best time to take up a data engineer online course and upgrade your career to enter into an ever-growing domain.

Let us now discuss the Data Engineer role and how you can become one.

Who is a Data Engineer?

Data Engineers are versatile generalists who utilize computer science to process large datasets. They are the most important members of the data analytics team and are accountable for maintaining, optimizing, foreseeing, and controlling the retrieval of data, its storage, and distribution throughout the organization.

A Data Engineer is the one who is responsible for identifying trends in datasets and creating algorithms to make raw data useful to the enterprise. As a Data Engineer, you also need to build algorithms to make access to raw data easier. You need to have a good understanding of business goals and keep them in line while working with data, specifically when you need to deal with huge and complex datasets and databases.

As we already know that the amount of data generated across the globe through our activities over the Internet is increasing day by day, it is becoming more and more crucial to analyze the data to make it meaningful. This is where Data Engineers come into play. Data Scientists are internal clients of Data Engineers. Data Engineers design and build the pipelines to transfer and transform the data into a user-readable format so that data workers can utilize it as per the requirements.

These data pipelines collect data from many disparate sources and store them into data warehouses where the data is represented as a single source.

To do so, Data Engineers are required to manipulate and analyze data as a pre-processing step from every system.

Some of the certifications you can pursue to transition your career into Data Engineering are:

  • CCP Data Engineer
  • Google Cloud Certified Data Engineer
  • IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data
  • Big Data Master’s Program from Simplilearn

Now, where can you learn and acquire the required skills?

Let us have a look at the resources that can help you develop the required knowledge and skills and get certified.

Top Resources to Become a Data Engineer

  • Data Engineering Certification Course by Simplilearn

The top online training company Simplilearn offers this Data Engineering training course to provide unrivaled training to make you earn the certification. This certification allows you to enter into the role of Data Engineer.

Simplilearn features masterclasses. The best feature of the course is the Ask Me Anything session by IBM, IBM Hackathons to clear all your doubts and misconceptions.

You acquire job critical skills such as Big data and Hadoop frameworks, learn to use the database management tools and MongoDB to store data, data processing using Kafka, and leverage the functionality of AWS and Azure cloud services through interactive live classroom sessions. Also, you come across practical labs and industry-level projects.

This course by Simplilearn is by far, the best resource for entering into the world of Data Engineering.

  • Modern Enterprise Data Engineering by PluralSight

DataOps or Data Operations is a methodology comprising people, processes, tools, and services for organizations to quickly, reliably, and repeatedly deliver production-ready data from huge arrays of enterprise data sources. This course makes you learn why and how to implement these key ingredients so that a business can achieve the analytical velocity required to achieve a competitive advantage.

With this course, you learn the best practices required for manipulating and processing the data.

  • Data Engineering Basics for Everyone by edX

This course by edX makes you learn the data engineering concepts, ecosystem, and lifecycle. Also, it makes you learn about the systems, processes, and tools that are required as a Data Engineer. After going through this course you will become proficient in the data processes such as collecting, ETL processes (extract, transform, load), process, query, and manage data such that it becomes usable for data workers for operations and decision-making.

  • Introduction to Data Engineering by Coursera

You can start learning with this course instantly and at your own schedule. This course makes you familiar with the core concepts, processes, and all the tools you are required to know in order to gain a basic knowledge of data engineering. You will also gain a sound knowledge of the modern data ecosystem and the role you are expected to play in an organization.

Wrap Up

Today, Data Engineering is recognized as one of the fastest-growing and highly in-demand domains. To make a career in this domain you can go with any of the courses listed above. These are the top resources from numerous ones available in the market.

Most of the courses allow you to learn at your own pace along with lifetime access to the study material. There is a choice in learning modes such as online, blended learning, or instructor-led training. Doubt sessions are conducted by industry experts to ensure entire preparation. Also, the best thing is that you get job assistance as well.

Enroll now!

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