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Simple ways to avoid golfing injuries

Simple ways to avoid golfing injuries
Written by Kiranmaireddy
Doing any sport may give you great pleasure and entertainment. It releases endorphins in the human body, responsible for the feeling of happiness. Therefore, sport isn’t only good for your body and health, but it also positively affects your mind and general well-being. Unfortunately, every professional athletic knows and probably has once experienced some injury connected with their discipline. Golf, though perceived as quite a simple and low-impact sport, it’s, in fact, injury-prone too. Thus, many golf amateurs and professionals frequently wonder how to avoid or even prevent accidents on the golf course. And how to deal with them if they already happen. The best what every sportsperson can do is use injury prevention, which is an effort to reduce the severity of injuries before they occur.

Provide yourself with special sports gear

The first thing you should do before taking up any new sport is to equip yourself with special sports gear. It isn’t only sports equipment, like golf clubs, but most of all, leisurewear which will adequately protect you against any unwanted injury. To play golf, you should provide yourself with a suitable sports outfit, preferably a T-shirt and a golf pullover or jacket, golf trousers and boots. You can also think about a golf hat and athletic supporters. If you don’t know where to buy all these clothes and accessories, many popular brands offer such products, like the It’s a golf shop online where you’ll find all you need to feel safe on the golf course.


If you have all the necessary gear, now it’s high time to have a knock-up. Always devote at least 10 minutes before the play to do some physical exercises such as a brisk walk, jogging, or a set of jumping jacks to stretch your hands, forearms, shoulders, spine, and pelvis. You can also swing your golf club several times to boost your range of motion. If you don’t have such a habit, develop it for the sake of your health. In this way, you’ll warm up all your muscles, which since then, won’t be so prone to injuries. Remember that a proper warm-up also significantly strengthen your muscles, which in turn leads to achieving better results.

Adopt proper posture

Besides special sports equipment and workout, you’ll also need to adopt proper posture. This rule is of utmost importance, but unfortunately frequently forgotten by many golf players on a daily basis. So what does it look like? The golfer should stand with their feet slightly apart from each other and with their knees bent a little. Simultaneously, they should hold their spine straight and move, using the power of their hips. It’s also good to remember not to slouch too often while reaching for a golf ball. Such a bad habit may result in awful neck and back pain. A good posture is also important when you lift and carry the bag with all your clubs. It’s usually pretty heavy, so you should do it carefully, keeping your back straight and using the strength of your legs.

Take control of your body

Once you learn how to stand in a good position on the golf course, you must think about the muscles you use while playing. Basically, during a play, you use all parts of your body. That’s why you should stay smooth and distribute, for example, hitting power, throughout the whole your body and not only particular parts. If you swing the club, don’t overstrain the wrist or the knees on which you stand since it may lead to severe injuries. Then, you may await nothing else than the long weeks or even months of rehabilitation.

Don’t over-swing

Swinging the club isn’t as easy as it may appear at first glance. It must be a delicate and soft move. Otherwise, if you swing too hard or too fast, your joints are more likely to ache. The best advice is to take your time, relax and make a perfect swing which will help you win or at least beat your opponents. Remember that the best of the best have a gentle pace, which makes them come further the top and prevents any serious incidents.

All in all, you can see that injury prevention while playing golf is an inherent part of this sport. If you keep in mind all of these tips mentioned above, your good health state will be guaranteed. And your favourite sport will bring you only sheer enjoyment.

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