Tired Of Power Cuts? Here’s Why You Need an Inverter

Tired Of Power Cuts? Here's Why You Need an Inverter

Are you still struggling with the conundrum of purchasing an inverter? It is a difficult decision to make since an inverter is a significant investment. In fact, its significance is not only measured in terms of the expense because if you do purchase one, the life and running of your electrical appliances will also depend on the inverter.

This is because a good-quality inverter powers up and runs electrical appliances during power shutdowns. The importance of an inverter grew tenfold when we started working from home. If your work is getting hampered by constant power cuts, then you have a solution to your inverter conundrum. So, let’s take a look at several reasons why you need to purchase an inverter.

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  • Offers Relief from Power Cuts

Power cuts, just hearing this term is enough to make you roll your eyes in annoyance. This is all of us, isn’t it? Most of us have a common hatred against power cuts, which has increased since we started working from home. The solution here is simple, purchase an inverter. This would dissipate all your problems relating to power outages.

A high-quality inverter would provide you with backup for lengthy durations that will survive the outages. However, this can only happen if you purchase an inverter and a battery that meet your power requirements in terms of capacity, load, and backup duration. Thus, understand your requirements and only then purchase an inverter.

  • Protects Electrical Gadgets and Appliances

A serious issue with power outages is that the frequent fluctuations in voltage and power can damage your expensive appliances. So, if you do not want to purchase an inverter for having power during outages, then purchase it for protecting your appliances. If you do not spend money on an inverter now, it can cost you much more in the future when you have to pay significant amounts of money on fixing your damaged appliances or purchasing new ones.

  • Cost-Effective

Opting for a generator is another option that you have when you want to combat power shutdowns. However, opting for a generator for a single house does not make sense because it is not economically viable. You would have to pay at least ₹5 lakhs for a generator excluding the diesel cost. If you take the diesel cost into account, you would have to pay almost ₹100 per litre. This would take a big investment on your part. Also, these generators make a lot of noise and are not environmentally friendly.

The other and the better option is to purchase an inverter. They are environment-friendly, make little or no noise, and do not require diesel to operate. Additionally, you can get an excellent inverter priced economically between ₹3,000 and ₹20,000. Spending ₹20,000 sounds much better than spending ₹5 lakhs, doesn’t it?

  • Safeguards Your Data

Imagine you are working on an important report on your computer that can help you get the promotion you have been dreaming of. But, all of a sudden, a power outage takes place, and with that, your important report is lost. We have all suffered data losses due to power outages, so the solution is simple. Purchase an inverter that will protect your data in case a power cut occurs. The inverter will provide your computer with an uninterrupted power supply when a power cut takes place, thus not affecting your data.

Research and Buy the Perfect Inverter for Your Home

Now that you have understood the importance of purchasing an inverter, the next step for you is to understand your load, backup duration, and capacity requirements. Once this is done, you can research the top inverter brands like Luminous, and purchase the Luminous inverter that meets your requirements.

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