What Rights Do Brands Have to My Content?

What Rights Do Brands Have to My Content?

When you are using content online by directly downloading from search engines, you may be subjected to copyright violation. The images that you find online are not free to use. To be able to use them, you would need to have a photo release form that legally allows you to use the media for commercial or personal purposes.

You can get a model photo release form offered by CocoSign, which is one of the best ways to get permission from the owner to use their photographs. You might have to pay a fine or even lose a significant portion of the profits you make if you are using the content of someone else without permission.

Part 1: What Can Happen if I don’t own the content Legally?

It is common practice for small business owners or media agencies to rely on the goodwill with the content creator while exchanging money for paid content. Paying money for the content doesn’t mean that you own the content legally.

For the transfer to be official, you would need to have an agreement signed between you and the content owner. The agreement should specifically dictate what you can do with the content and how long can you use it. Keep in mind that ownership and license to use content are two different things.

1.1 Get Banned From a Platform

If you are using the photos, videos, or social media posts of someone else, then they can take action against you. They can inform the platform that you have posted the content on, which would result in taking down the content in most cases. In some cases, you can get a penalty o even be banned permanently from the platform.

1.2 Pay Fines

You would be required to pay fines and monetary damages to the owner if you have made money using the content. In various platforms, all the money you get by monetizing content would get automatically transferred to the rightful owner of the content.

The content owner can file a case against you in court even which can result in a bigger fine and damage to your reputation. The judge might also order you to take down the content from the platform you posted it in.

1.3 Would be Found Guilty for Copyright Infringement

You would be found guilty of copyright infringement if you use content without the consent of the owner. Even if you claim to have no knowledge of the ownership of someone else, it won’t excuse you from the crime.

Part 2: What Can I Do To Protect Myself?

In order to make sure that you are protected from any copyright violations, you can take the following steps.

2.1 Check Guidelines

When you are using stock images or videos make sure you are reading the guidelines mentioned on the website. You might be required to give credit to the owners sometimes. Similarly when you are using music make sure to read the usage policies so you don’t face any problems later.

Many websites would let you download their content for free, but it is not allowed to use the content in any post or for commercial purposes. Make sure you read the guidelines in fine print as well.

2.2 Put Everything on Paper

When you are buying content from an individual creator make sure you know what kinds of rights you would require. You might not need to use the content for more than a year or you might use the content in your campaigns for a lifetime. Mention the length of your license in your contract.

You would also need to specify if you would be using the content for commercial purposes. Negotiate a fair price with the content owner and finally get it signed. Make sure to keep the agreement somewhere safe.

2.3 Negotiate

If you think the pricing is not fair or you are not getting the rights that you would need for now and the future as well, then negotiate. If you are buying from an individual creator you can talk to them personally. In the case of a website, you can reach their support and check if you can talk with an agent to get the proper usage rights that you need.

Part 3: Can I Use any Tool to do the heavy lifting?

In order to protect yourself from facing any legal issues, you would need to draft a proper agreement with the owner of the content. It should be mentioned why you are using his content and to what extent you can use the content.

If you want to use a photograph you can use a photo release form. Similarly, for video content, you can use a video release form. You can download these agreements form for free from CocoSign.

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CocoSign is a very trusted website that is used by users from all over the world to get templates for various legal agreements. The task of creating a legally binding agreement can be overwhelming, which is why CocoSign is a lifesaver for millions of people.

Part 4: What Should You Use CocoSign?

There are certain benefits to using CocoSign that make it an absolute favorite of many people.

4.1 Would Save You Time And Money

You won’t need to go through the process of hiring a lawyer or the efforts to draft an agreement if you are using CocoSign. You can get the template you need by visiting their website. It is free and it is very easy to use.

4.2 Very Secure

Agreements are very private and you should protect them. With CocoSign you won’t have to worry about losing them. CocoSign stores all your agreements and also provides top-notch protection from hackers.

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When you are using any content, make sure that you have the right to use them commercially. Brands can take you to court which can cause significant loss of reputation and money down the line. It is easier to craft an agreement using CocoSign to make sure that you are legally covered.

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