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Highest paying jobs in India-2019

Highest paying jobs in India-2019
Written by Crazy Speed Tech
Getting attached to a job becomes very important for a person in order to sustain in the market and there are just three ways of doing so. The very first is earning money second is to fulfill the passion and the third is definitely the combination of the above two. Aspirants always keep looking for the jobs that can earn them handsome salary along with the passion feed.

There are many jobs in India that come up with huge salary package and you will get a lot of fame as well. We have listed out some of the best highest paying jobs in India in 2019. Let’s have a look at the list below:

  1. Chartered accountant

A chartered accountant is one such profession that has never lost its importance and charm and for sure the situation is going to be the same even in the future. For any business functionality, the financial related stuff is being handled by the chartered accountant. The business owners make all their important investments after consulting the CA.

In order to become a CA, you need to qualify all the required exams and there are other criteria as well to be fulfilled. This exam judges the accounting related knowledge of the person. The salary of a CA might go up to 2 lakhs per month with some good experience. You can prepare for the CA exam through coaching and online training. This will help you in qualifying all the exams successfully.

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  1. Commercial pilot

Next in the list is Commercial Pilot. This job pays a very high salary package and of course, the job of a pilot is really awesome. Growing financially with this career can never be a stop for you. With experience, your post and salary will keep on increasing simultaneously.

In case you are planning to become a pilot, read some steps here, for becoming a successful commercial pilot.

  1. Lawyer

The lawyer’s profession is again never ending. Anything and everything can change but the demand for lawyers is never going to end in our country. So choosing this as a career is again a very smart decision. There will never be work scarcity with the only condition that you have the ability to grab it.

The big businesses always have lawyers with them who handle all their legal matters. The lawyers act as a protective shield for a company so definitely the status is looked upon with honor and high esteem. If you want to become a lawyer, you need to clear Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Course, The preparation can be done through various universities.

  1. Computer Science engineer

Last in the list of highest paying jobs is Computer science engineering. The big IT companies always search for professionals who can handle their software related business and stuff. Computer science engineers are responsible for handling the entire business of IT firms.

For fresher, the salary package ranges from 4 lakh to 6 lakh per annum and for experienced, it goes up to 15 lakhs. To become a computer science engineer, you need to do BE/Btech from the related discipline. Further, you can also take up some related courses based on your interest.

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  1. Data science

The term data science needs no introduction. Data scientists have been highly in demand in the market. The major reason is the massive data available with the companies and they need someone who can manage this data and get the useful stats out of it. The role of the data scientists is to get the data from all the possible sources, extract necessary information from it and further create useful visualizations. This helps the companies to take profitable decisions in their businesses and also able to maintain a good relationship with their client base.

Companies always look to hire professionals who are expert in the domain. So, in order to become skilled, it is required to take the data science training, so that you can learn things from the basic to the advanced level

This is the list of some best and highest paying jobs in India. You can choose the one which fulfills your aim.

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