How to Get More Likes on TikTok?


Over the past year, TikTok has become, probably, the most popular social network, and not only for the entertainment of teenagers but also for business promotion. Why did the application deserve such attention and interest from viewers?

Features of the app:

• Extremely viral content. All clips in TikTok are built on the principle of a quick rise in popularity and the same rapid distribution, therefore, if your clip flies into the recommendations, then you will receive constant advertising of your business since if the video is in trends, all subsequent videos will be tuned to promote this clip.

• Vivid visuals. The creativity of the makers does not go unnoticed. The more creatively the clip is designed, the more TikTok likes it will collect, the more TikTok viewers will see it.

• Own base of music and sounds. To use music in a video, the maker does not need to look for sounds without copyright, which saves a lot of time, so creating a video in TikTok allows you to use your imagination to the fullest.

• Simple video editor. You can edit clips directly in the application, and editing, moreover, does not take much time and effort.

How to use advertising on TikTok to promote your business?

Advertising on TikTok appeared in 2019 and many brands began to use it for promotion. Because it is very convenient and costs almost nothing.

• You can use the Brand Takeover feature to promote your business. This function implies the creation of a GIF banner or a short video that will pop up upon entering the application. There you can also provide a link to your brand’s account or website.

• In-feed Native Video function. Native advertising has recently been extremely popular everywhere and TikTok is no exception. In addition, no matter if the ad is intrusive or even annoying, it will still collect a lot of likes and, more importantly, TikTok comments.

• If you create a TikTok challenge that will be associated with your brand, you will be sure that you will attract a lot of audiences and your products or services will receive a lot of attention. Since challenges are extremely popular now. And it doesn’t even matter how simple and unpretentious they are. Just remember to put down the hashtags.

• You can create your mask or sticker that will be associated with your brand. This is a very easy way to engage your audience as there is a good chance that the mask or sticker will go viral.

• You may also get cheap TikTok likes from paid SMM services. Today buying likes in this application is not very common practice, so they are not too expensive.

Be creative, simple, original, and native and you or your brand will become very popular on TikTok. In addition, you can overtake the audience to other social networks, which is also very convenient and saves time and effort for promotion. Good luck!

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