Minecraft Modes Explained

Minecraft Modes Explained

Minecraft is an addicting creation game where you have the power to make your world, destroy it, rebuild, and destroy it again. Your avatar is spawned into the blockily generated world where you can mine resource blocks from the landscape and craft a seemingly limitless array of items. You can combine blocks into recipes to make simple items like a sword or an axe or more complex creations like trap doors, animal pens, or even towns. Really, you are only limited by your own imagination and time investment.

Minecraft was released by gaming company Majong and can be played on almost any device. This game is incredibly accessible and fun for almost any age.There are four game play modes, however three of them are only accessible with a premium account.

Survival mode

This mode is included in the free trial version of the game. In this mode you need to do just as the name suggests: survive. Players will face the elements, hunger, and even aggressive creatures. To cheat death, players need to build shelter, tools, weapons, and harvest food. All of this is done by mining blocks from the landscape and arranging them in the correct recipe. However, you have a limited amount of inventory space for your items, so you need to be strategic about what you need. If you like the survival game mode, check out this list of Minecraft survival servers.

Players gain experience by building items and killing creeps. Beware of monsters in the night! If you are attacked, you will lose health points and you could die.

Not only will you need to mine minerals and resources, you also need to find and prepare food. If you don’t eat, you lose health points. Using specific combinations of resource blocks, you can make fishing poles to catch fish, build pig pens and spawn pigs, or even grow and harvest and garden. Players in this game mode can die from hunger, exposure to the elements, drowning, falling, or be killed by aggressive monsters. If you die, you will lose your inventory and experience points. Dead avatars will respawn at the spawn point to start over.

Creative Mode

Creative mode allows for infinite creative play. This mode makes you god-like! You are the master builder limited only by your imagination. All items and blocks are available to you. You can create cities, towns, and resources. At any time you can wipe them out and start over. In this mode, you are invincible. Hunger and the elements don’t matter here. You don’t need armor or have a health bar because you cannot die unless you jump into the void. Did I mention that you can fly? How cool is that?

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is Survival Mode with a catch. You need to create shelter, secure food and survive creep attacks, but you cannot break or place resource blocks. In this gameplay, you can only manipulate levers or buttons and interact with creatures. This mode is very difficult to cheat on. You are forced to show off your problem solving skills as you work your way through the “Adventure Map” by solving puzzles and problems to reach the end of the game.

If you are really savvy, you can use the chat box and build “CanBreak” and “CanPlace” tags on specific types of resource blocks, and slightly bypass the “no break, no place” rule.


Are you the ultimate Minecraft Servers? If you think you have what it takes, try your best on Hardcore Mode which is exclusive to the Java script edition of the game. This mode is basically Survival Mode permanently switched to the highest difficulty level. If you die in this mode, you’re done. You do not respawn. Your avatar becomes a spectator and will be stuck in Spectator Mode for the rest of forever.

Spectator Mode

Spectator Mode is where failed Hardcore avatars end up. In this mode, you cannot interact with “living” players or mobs. You are a bodiless transparent head that floats through your surroundings, only visible to other spectators. As a spectator, you can left-click on other entities and see the world through their perspective. You can also fly throughout the world by spinning the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Minecraft is an incredibly engaging game. Any of the modes will test your creativity, problem solving and strategy skills.

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