Private Party Planning Checklist: A Beginner’s Guide

Private Party Planning Checklist: A Beginner's Guide
Whether you’re planning a private boat charter or an anniversary soiree at a local country club, there’s a lot of things to remember when planning a party. Here’s a checklist to make sure that your party goes smoothly.

Define Your Party and Budget

Why are you holding a party? This pretty much sets up the rest of the checklist. Your friends might enjoy San Diego sightseeing tours when you’re celebrating a milestone occasion or seasonal events. Once you know what kind of party you want, look at your budget. Don’t just look at the cost-per-person, but the entire amount you can spend. This helps you avoid over-spending.

Set a Date, Select Your Venue and Get a Guest List

These three things go together because you need to know how many people you’re inviting to select the venue. You may need to be flexible with your date to get the venue you want. On the other hand, if your date is set in stone, you may need some flexibility with your venue. San Diego private dining parties can often be easier to plan than a large party. Plan to spend time visiting venues to make sure that your party will have the right atmosphere.

Send Out Invitations

Let your guests know about your party. E-Vites might be the easiest for you, but keep in mind that many people don’t RSVP or even remember getting electronic invitations. Paper invitations are a great reminder, but you may not get many responses. Be prepared to follow up with a text or phone call. For larger parties, a follow-up email or Facebook reminder through an event page can be lifesaver.

Decorations and Food

Check with the venue to know what your responsibilities are when it comes to food and decorations. Some venues offer in-house catering to alleviate stress on you. Ask about appetizers, drinks and desserts to make sure that you have everything you want for your party. If you want special decorations, find out whose responsibility it is to order and set up. Having adequate decorations such as balloons, banners, confetti and flowers can give the entire venue a pop of colors.Your budget will direct this discussion, so have a handle on your guest list and expenses to know how much you can realistically spend on food and drinks.

Double Check With Your Vendors

About a week before the party, call the caterer, venue and any other vendors you’re using to verify date, time and delivery. It might even be a good idea to remind guests about the party, depending on the guest list. If you have delegated any part of the planning process, check in to make sure that all the items are handled.

Host the Party

The more time you put into planning the party, the smoother the event will go. On the night of the party, you’ll have time to enjoy your guests instead of worrying about the myriad of details that happen behind the scenes. Be on hand to welcome everyone and make sure that people feel comfortable. You don’t want to spend all evening in the kitchen dealing with problems that could have been taken care of with some planning.

Enjoy a private boat charter with a catered dining experience.

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