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Learn How to Do Storytelling and Advertisement Through Instagram Stories

Learn How to Do Storytelling and Advertisement Through Instagram Stories

Social Media platforms are popular and active platforms on the Internet. This includes websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to name a few. Instagram alone has 500 million active users daily.

Due to its vast popularity, it is only logical to start advertising on instagram stories as it offers the most favorable results. Nowadays, marketing is about portraying your ideas through various emotions that connect a person with the advertised product.

Best Marketing Techniques for Instagram Stories 

Millions of people are engaged in brands on platforms like Instagram, as it allows the brand to connect with its users. Subsequently, Instagram has its benefits and advantages that can help the brand to capture its target audience.

Various features on Instagram, like geographical location tagging, make it easy for the users to find their interest based on locations. Other things like competitions, polls, and stickers allow its users to interact with the brand.

Go through the following section to learn how you can effectively capture your target market through Instagram stories.

1. Engage Users while Branding 

Engaging users makes it easy and interesting for everyone to connect. For example, polling or voting between two products or brands shows user preferences and can act as an essential marketing tool.

Another way is to engage users is by inviting them to share their photos using products. Music is a great way to generate emotions and connect users with the brand. If you are posting fresh content, make sure your posts act as a reminder and do not come off as spam.

2. Make High-Quality Videos 

Instagram is famous for its high-quality content, and as a result, your Instagram stories should not appear inadequate. Good content should be able to grasp your target user’s attention in the first few seconds itself.

Therefore, make sure that your stories have the following characteristics to engage your audience.

  • Use bright and bold colors in your text or pictures.
  • Hiring a popular influencer on social media. It could either be a celebrity or a YouTuber.
  • Use professional backgrounds or beautiful locations.

Your stories may not necessarily fulfill all the criteria above. However, it should be clean, attractive, and rich enough to attract users.

3. Motivate Target Audience 

Encourage users to share their motivational stories regarding your product. This will help other potential consumers to connect with the product and increase conversion rates. You can teach the users in a step-by-step tutorial on how they can do this.

You can even create your hashtag and urge users to share their posts or stories with the same. A day in the life story creates a sense of genuineness between the brand and the audience.

4. Share Stories Periodically but Don’t Overdo it 

This is the most basic and effective way to drive up your follower base. If you consistently post on Instagram, there will be a higher chance of reaching your target audience.

Make sure that you do not add stories of more than three or continuous posts of more than 2. Doing so will appear as spam and may discourage your followers from following your account.

Hence, you can reach your goal of posting regularly by one or two posts in a week. In comparison, you can share 1 or 2 stories daily as they appear for only 24 hours. Careful planning will help you to reach the right audience through your content. You can also promote your Instagram stories to reach a wider audience.

5. Use Design Template Apps 

There are many easy to use and affordable design template apps that make the work less time-consuming. There are many instagram story template app available with a vast collection.

These apps give you the option to choose from pre-designed templates where you can make adjustments according to your preferences. You can also customize your design by using color picker tools, brush tools, GIFs, and different text options. There are options to adjust or resize your content as well automatically.

Tips and Tricks for Instagram Stories Marketing 

Creating high quality and visually appealing content can quickly boost your ranking on social media platforms. Promoting through Instagram Stories campaigns establishes a sense of connectivity among followers.

Additionally, the usage of the right hashtags makes it easy for users to find your content or brand. Make sure to ask your users for feedback and advice regarding your product or brand. This way, consumers can experience maximum satisfaction and remain loyal to you.

How to properly display your Instagram stories 

Instagram does have an informal and reliable format, which makes the work refined in itself. The ad should be vibrant and clear within the prescribed length of time.

Generally, cute or funny animals are popular, which you can incorporate in your stories. This will allow you to advertise in a fun way.

Many users watch stories with their sound on mute. Therefore, it is essential to emphasize the text to catch the user’s attention.

Track views on your Instagram stories 

You can track your views on your Instagram post by swiping up on your story and tapping on the “insight” button. This is located on the left side beside the “Viewed” section.

Here, you will see a compiled data of your Instagram story that can help to measure your ad campaigns. Some useful information includes average reviews, numbers of replies on each story, and the number of times it was sent to others by the users. You can also upgrade or change your content by analyzing this data to gain more audience.

Kicksta is an often-touted service to get more followers on Instagram. A lot of people are not sold on Kicksta, though. Some people love it, some don’t. Do your own research.


In summary, Instagram stories are an excellent tool for the promoters to get a huge number of followers and increase conversion rates. With this informal, fun, and unique method, anyone can successfully advertise on such a huge social platform with millions of users.

Don’t forget to allot time to respond to the user’s feedback and their grievances. A successful business is one that puts customer satisfaction as its top priority. Don’t forget to track your Instagram Insights to understand your Instagram stories and their influence on your marketing goals.

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